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The Benefits of Starting Your Own Trucking Company

U.S. trucking is profitable. Every full truck earns revenue. I warn individuals they won’t have long between paychecks and loads. Each truck load is charged by the trailer it pulls, and you’re compensated per mile. Flatbeds transporting building goods 1,000 kilometers might make $4,000. Ensure your driver can drive the trailer you buy.

Trailers transport goods. The highest-paying trucks are flatbed and refrigerated. Box freight is cheap and abundant. These trailers may make you $50,000 to $75,000 a year and keep your car running.

New trucking companies don’t obtain freight for six months. Brokers assist ship and find freight. Startups can send freight because freight brokers work with hundreds of shippers. Shippers will provide you more business after a few months with federal permission. Freight brokers can assist even new truckers transport freight every day. Contact one early to discuss your truck’s freight.

Trucking starts at $1200. Each state has different legislation, so ask LFS about fees. MC and DOT numbers are required. $250. Transporting freight across states requires a UCR file and IFTA account after FMCSA registration. Professional businesses may submit your submissions, assuring no mistakes and 21-day approval. Before activating MC Authority, FMCSA requires 21 days.

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