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The majority of foreign freight is transported in containers. This does not include all international shipping. Maritime freight is defined as maritime transport. Ocean freight does not include trucking to and from port container yards. In various nations, a freight management company can assist with inland shipping.

Basic maritime freight prices include port-to-port transportation, fuel premiums, security fees, and documentation expenditures. They are greeted by an empty and full container yard.

FREE-ABOARD Buyer accepts duty and ownership from seller. Under “FOB [origin port],” the vendor pays for shipment and loading. Buyer is responsible for freight, insurance, unloading, and delivery. The seller bears the risk at the origin port.

Shippers should understand live load, drop, and pick while obtaining ocean freight quotations. Prices and duties are affected by choices. A live-loaded empty container is delivered by a driver. The driver secures the cargo. Freeloads run out.

Drop-and-pick entails leaving a freight container alone for many days. The driver transports the loaded container to the container yard (CY). This approach is expensive unless the loading point is close to the CY.

Transportation managers assist with documentation. A BOL, corporate invoice or inventory list, packing list with components, weight, and packaging materials, fumigation certificate, visa/quota, certificate of origin, and hazardous materials declaration are required for international shipments.

Few shippers insure against damage. Low-carrier. Discover the mailing limit. Before shipping, the shipper should get additional insurance. Representatives may handle coverage and certificate inquiries. Shipping estimates are available on our website. We’ll answer inquiries after looking at delivery options.

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